The Dream Warrior and the White Wolf

Meet Angelica Fitzgerald, a girl caught in between being a teen and becoming a young woman all the while trying to make sense of her enigmatic dreams. She’s also a high school student who loves to party and get lit.

All her fun comes crashing down when her BFF, Maribel Del Toro, gets caught in a web of danger and deceit. Angelica’s dreams become premonitions that thrust her into a risky battle to try to help Maribel. Will she be able to save her best friend?

The author considers this novel an appropriate addition to any upperclassmen high school or college level curriculum for English or Mexican-American studies courses that address the need for cultural relevance.

In addition, The Dream Warrior and the White Wolf may provide an opportunity for students to read and relate to situations and complex characters they may be familiar with. As Hispanic students account for over thirty percent of the population in the Southwest and Native American students make up approximately five percent, it is vital that students can see a part of themselves and their culture represented in what they are offered to read.

This ensures their stories are relevant, vital and indeed a part of the American cultural landscape.


Títle: The Dream Warrior and the White Wolf

Author: Anna Ricardo
Year: 2019

Pages: 136

Edition: First

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1936885282

Presentation: Paperback

Price: $13.99