Barriozona Magazine is published by the Hispanic Institute of Social Issues and was first launched as a print publication in December 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona. In the Spring of 2006, Barriozona Magazine made its debut on the internet as an E-zine -or online magazine- seeking to reach a global audience.

The online publication is primarily focused on presenting information in Spanish about social issues, history, culture, and trends concerning in Mexico, Latin America, and the Latino/Hispanic community in the United States.

Recognizing that many people are marginalized from society and lack the means of being heard, Barriozona Magazine emphasizes on publishing stories that in many cases are largely ignored -voluntarily or involuntarily- by the so-called mainstream or corporate media.

Barriozona Magazine does not pretend to be the voice of the people or speak for the people. We believe that every human being has his or her own unique and powerful voice, their own points of view, as well as and his or her own way and ability to express their feelings and opinions. Barriozona Magazine doesn't give a voice to the people, rather presents the voices of men and women who are not in any way "voiceless" but unable to be heard for or are ignored for many social, political or other reasons.

Over the years, Barriozona Magazine has been published, it has been able to fulfill this living and ongoing mission.