Success or Failure: You Decide

The main mission of Success or Failure: You Decide, is to help you become a better person, and keep you from making the common mistakes many young people make.

This book intends to help you avoid some of life’s obstacles, help you succeed, inspire you to act and take action, motivate, guide and encourage you to take charge of your life, help you become more independent, and guide you to make better decisions.

Success or Failure: You Decide will help you discover yourself, the real you. Discover what your mission in life is, teach you to live life with purpose and meaning. Success or Failure, You Decide has basic answers to life’s simple questions, things that we should already know, but maybe nobody has taught us. It is your “how to" manual for life.


Títle: Success or Failure: You Decide

Author: Audel Acevedo
Year: 2016

Pages: 228

Edition: First

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1936885176

Presentation: Paperback

Price: $18.99