The Death of Professional Boxing

In The Death of Professional Boxing, long-time professional referee Roger Yanez, analyzes the reasons why boxing lacks the fan base other sports enjoy, and why boxers are some of the lowest-paid professional athletes.

Although Yanez—who refereed more than three thousand professional bouts in his career spanning almost five decades—makes sharp criticism of the factors that have sent boxing to a defunct state, the minor administrative changes he’s been proposing for decades seek to bring boxing to the high audience and revenue levels as other professional sports.

In The Death of Professional Boxing, Yanez believes that the most important measure to resurrect boxing resides in the way professional fights are scored.

His book presents a proven method that, if implemented, will bring respect to the boxing fans, credibility to the sport, and ultimately make boxing the biggest winner.


Title: The Death of Professional Boxing

Author: Roger Yanez

Pages: 154 (includes photographs)

Edition: First

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1936885183

Presentation: Paperback

Price: $18.00