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English to Spanish Translation Service

Professionalism, Accuracy and Timeliness
How much time does your staff spend communicating –or trying to– with clients
whose primary language is Spanish? Staff working in social and community-based
organizations typically spend over 45% of their time in an interpersonal situation
with a person who doesn’t communicate well in English or communicates only in
Spanish. Making your agency’s forms, brochures, newsletters and other
publications available in Spanish, will provide your clients with information and
guidance in an effective, fast and professional way.

If your agency provides services to targeted populations but is unable to afford
high fees for document translation due to limited budgets, HISI Translation
Services is the affordable and professional solution for you.

We’ll Work With Your Budget
Fee flexibility is something not all professional document translation companies
may be in a position to offer. HISI is not only able to give non-profit agencies
and community-based organizations special document translation fees; we also
provide a professional service at the level they deserve. We are responsive and
sensitive to their needs by understanding the nature and the importance of their
service to the community, and by providing them a great service based on special

Our Service
Fast, professional and accurate document translation is possible with HISI’s
experience and expertise. We utilize the most advanced digital technology to
receive and send document translation work through the Internet. Simply submit
your text –any length– at: www.hisi.org/translations.html and you’ll be able to
retrieve it electronically through our web site. If you prefer, you can e-mail your
document file or text via e-mail to: translations@hisi.org

We accept work generated by computer-based word processing and desktop
publishing software. HISI utilizes largely compatible programs such as Microsoft
Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher) and from a Windows
XP platform. Professional Adobe software and conversion for printing is also
utilized and available.

HISI possesses a large capacity for safe and confidential electronic data storage.
This ensures that in the event of equipment failure, data is protected separately
and will be quickly retrieved.

For a customized fee or to receive more details, contact us today.  

To submit the text you need translated, use the form below. Please ensure that
all applicable fields are filled out. HISI will acknowledge the receipt of your text via
e-mail to the address you enter below. If you need immediate assistance or have
any questions, please call us at (480) 646-9401 or email us at:
English to Spanish document translation services. Phoenix, Arizona
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