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Operation Immigration
Arrests, Protests and Turmoil in Maricopa County

In October of 2007, a small group of day laborers advocates organized a
demonstration against M.D. Pruitt’s Furnishing in Phoenix, Arizona, to protest
the owner’s hiring of Maricopa County Sheriff Office (MCSO) off-duty deputies as
his private police. Pruitt’s sought the sheriff’s help to crackdown on day laborers
trespassing the premises and creating other problems. The sheriff began
arresting motorists driving around the area surrounding the store, and turning
over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency those who were
suspected of being in the country without legal documents. What unfolded
during the following months transformed the small protest into a social crisis in
Arizona that attracted national and international attention.

The Hispanic Institute of Social Issues presents this work developed over the
span of five months in the midst and the heat of the volatile atmosphere
surrounding the protests, and the sheriff's actions to arrest undocumented
immigrants. "Operation Immigration" is an intense, must-watch and emotionally-
charged testimony of a time that will go down in Arizona's -and the nation's-
history as one of the most challenging moments when some people in the United
States strive to move into the 21st Century while others continue to harbor old
social attitudes. This documentary is an intense piece of contemporary history
where hate-speech, racial confrontations, and near-the-edge violence explode
before the viewer's eyes.

A street-level footage documentary of the highly controversial immigration
sweeps conducted by the Maricopa County Sheriff Office in the heart of Arizona.
A revealing visual testimony of a Sheriff determined to fight undocumented
immigration, and the struggle of human rights advocates and people decided to
stop him. This DVD shows an unquestionable evidence of the crude and volatile
social atmosphere prevailing in one of the fastest-growing counties in the United

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Operation Immigration - Arrests, Protests, and Turmoil in Maricopa County
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