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Documented Dreams

High School Students Document Immigration Plight in New Book

Phoenix, Arizona - A compelling account of the struggle that students without
legal status in the U.S. are facing has taken the form of a bilingual book. Under
the title of
Documented Dreams, the Arizona-based Hispanic Institute of Social
Issues (HISI) has published a collection of letters written by students from
Gateway Early College High School, and compiled by the school’s principal —and
2008 ‘Living the Dream’ award recipient—
Yvonne Watterson.   

The letters were written in response to the anonymous and generous donations
by people from the community, who made financial contributions to help
students unable to qualify for in-state tuition continue taking college classes. The
group of High School students then decided to write thank you letters to show
their appreciation.  

Watterson revealed that after reading the letters from students, “a book seemed
the obvious way to capture forever their collective thanks. The students wanted
to thank the strangers who were making their continued college education a
reality. They could only convey their gratitude anonymously, from the shadows.”

The idea for a book emerged simultaneously with the defeat in the U.S. Senate
of the Dream Act last Fall. Millions of students were hoping to regularize their
status and be able to continue with their education.

“Mrs. Watterson contacted us, we read the letters, and immediately jumped into
giving form to the book project”, stated Eduardo Barraza, HISI’s director. “We
recognize that we are living in a historical turning point; publishing the students’
letters is an attempt to ensure we accurately record history as it happens before
our eyes, and in the voice of its protagonists: the students themselves.”

Documented Dreams is a book of enormous human value, mainly because it
symbolizes the aspirations of millions of students caught in a sociopolitical
midpoint. The book will further contribute to the efforts of keeping students
taking college classes at this early college program, as it will be used as a tuition
fund-raising tool.

For further information visit www.hisi.org/books.html or call 480 – 983–1445.

Author: Compiled and Edited by
Yvonne Watterson | Photographs by Eduardo
Title: Documented Dreams
ISBN-13: 978-9797814-3-8
Price: $19.95 + $3.99 (add $1.00 s/h fee per each additional book purchased.)

For more informatión, or to place a mail order, please call (480) 646-9401 or e-
mail: books@hisi.org

Checks or Money Orders payable to:
PO Box 50553
Mesa, Arizona 85208-0028

Documented Dreams in the Media
Documented Dreams Compiled by Yvonne Watterson Photos by Eduardo Barraza
Carlos Flores Vizcarra
Consul,  General of Mexico  
commended the book
Documented Dreams. Yvonne
Watterson and Eduardo
Barraza flank Mr. Flores.
Photo by Maria Jesus Cervantes
Univision KTVW-Channel 33 - Phoenix, Arizona
Story (in Spanish) by Reporter Victor H. Rodriguez
KSUN 1400AM Radio Fiesta - José Cortez Interview in Spanish - AUDIO
Telemundo KTAZ-TV 39 - Phoenix, Arizona
Story (in Spanish) by Reporter Yezmin Thomas
Telemundo KTAZ-TV 39 - Phoenix, Arizona
Programa Arizona al Dia - Story (in Spanish) by Yezmin Thomas
Univisión - Los sueños documentados
Teleritmo - Sueños Documentados
"It’s a fascinating and inspiring project."
Dick Stolley
PEOPLE Magazine Founder

"This is great news! Students in Arizona have gathered and done something great."
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"I'd like to applaud all the DREAMERS who took this initiative and have given all of us a voice."
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"A God thing..."
J. Trujillo

"This book is the first of its kind to shed light on real vicitms of immigration reform (or lack thereof).
I found it relevant, moving and shocking. Shocking that we as a country are forcing people AWAY
from education. It is a must read for everyone, regardless of political views. Kudos to the
courageous Yvonne Watterson and her students!"
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"Documented Dreams: Dreamer book released!"
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