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Documented Dreams

The Hispanic Institute of Social Issues (HISI) is pleased to present Documented
. This book is an emotive testimony of the plight of a generation of
young Latinos who have been caught in a social dilemma. It is a collection of their
voices, their feelings, and their dream. A dream of obtaining education that has
been suddenly altered by a political whirlwind.

Documented Dreams presents the fresh voices of young people, expressions of
gratitude and courage for those who are responsible for their education and for
those who are making it possible for them —in the midst of controversy— to
continue taking college classes and to press on.   

By documenting their dreams in form of writing thank you letters, these youth
are not only confronting their difficult situation by lifting up their voices. More
fundamentally, these young men and women are giving proof of the type of
character and determination they posses. Qualities that combined with their
excellence in education and eagerness to contribute to their communities,
demonstrate their undeniable attachment and belonging to this country, the
state, and to the American Dream.  

Documented Dreams is the drumming heartbeat of the inevitable coming and
emergence of a generation of the future professionals —teachers, doctors,
lawyers, social workers, nurses, engineers— who will prove their value and
contribution of our demographic and cultural reality and needs, as well as sustain
the true ideals of this land of free people.   

Author: Compiled and Edited by
Yvonne Watterson | Photographs by Eduardo
Title: Documented Dreams
ISBN-13: 978-9797814-3-8
Price: $19.95 + $3.99 (add $1.00 s/h fee per each additional book purchased.)

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Documented Dreams Compiled by Yvonne Watterson Photos by Eduardo Barraza
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