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Sophia Remembers, Day of the Dead

Deeply rooted in the Mexican custom of remembering the dead, Sophia
Remembers, Day of the Dead describes the devout ritual of a woman who
expressed her most profound sorrow for her deceased loved ones on November
2nd of each year. Following the traditional rite, Sophia would prepare a humble
altar with mystical devoutness and respect toward those spirits who -according
to tradition- would visit the world of the living in search of a spiritual offering
especially for them. The flames from the small candles lighted for each dead loved
one would illuminate a tiny room with tables, where photographs of the deceased
were placed adding an air of mystery, along with the respective glasses of water
and pieces of bread to feed the souls would become almost sacred and hallowed.
Sophia Remembers, Day of the Dead depicts with realism, accuracy, and
truthfulness the Day of the Dead tradition, as well as the fervent holiday's
observance of a woman who celebrated it with tears, mourning, and sadness.

Sophia Remembers, Day of the Dead portrays the true essence and meaning of
a religious holiday which origins date back hundreds of years. In Sophia
Remembers, Day of the Dead, this ancient tradition of El Día de los Muertos is
expressed in its true form and substance: a day of remembrance rather than a
cultural event, a spiritual observance to honor deceased loved ones. While the
celebration of the Day of the Dead holiday grows in popularity in countries like
the United States, the connotation is of a cultural festivity where the ritual of
remembering the dead blends in with folk music, dances and typical food in
festival-like events. For people like Sophia, however, there was nothing festive in
her observance on November 2nd of each year –a solemn date on the calendar–
when in the intimacy of her home she prepared with diligence and detail an
almost hallow altar. Illustrated with beautiful color photographs, Sophia
Remembers, Day of the Dead, brings out the authentic spirit of a day set apart
to formally remember a mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter who
have died, deceased family members whose memory Sophia honored every year
with devotion and earnestness. Sophia Remembers, Day of the Dead, recreates
with a poetic prose a mystic atmosphere of melancholy and reverence, infused
with the aroma of marigold flowers and incense.

Eduardo Barraza
Title: Sophia Remembers, Day of the Dead
Pages: 32 (Includes color photographs)
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