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Barriozona Editor Receives Cesar E. Chavez
Social Justice Award 2010  by TERROS

Phoenix, Arizona - The editor of the Arizona-based grassroots online magazine
Barriozona has been selected by TERROS as the first recipient of the Cesar E.
Chavez Social Justice Activist of the Year Award.

Journalist Eduardo Barraza, who has been publishing the community-based
magazine since December 2002, will receive the recognition this Friday, March 26,
2010 during the Sixth Annual Cesar E. Chavez Behavioral Health Conference, to
take place at Arizona State University West Campus.

“We saw the need to recognize individuals from the community who have
contributed to the improvement of the quality of life and social justice in
Arizona,” said John Mireles, member of the Planning Committee of the TERROS
Cesar Chavez Behavioral Health Conference. “This award acknowledges people
who demonstrate adherence to Cesar E. Chavez’ principles.”

Eduardo Barraza began his career as a journalist 25 years ago. In 1998 he
founded the Hispanic Institute of Social Issues, an Arizona-based grassroots
multimedia publishing organization, to expand his experience in journalism into a
deeper social function.

“It is rewarding in itself to see that such a respected community agency as
TERROS is honoring the legacy of a man who dedicated his life to a legitimate
cause like Cesar E. Chavez,” expressed Barraza.

“It is also interesting to see that TERROS chose me –a journalist– as the first
recipient of this social justice activist award. Aside the individual honor, it
substantiates the important role grassroots journalism plays in a community and
the service it provides in social struggles. Essentially, grassroots journalism is
being recognized by TERROS, and this is very gratifying.”

A community-based behavioral health organization, TERROS helps people
recover from substance abuse, mental illness and other behavioral health
problems throughout Maricopa County. The agency has been serving Arizonans
since 1969. TERROS was the first substance abuse treatment program in the

The award ceremony will be held during the TERROS’ Annual Conference, a
prestigious event that is bringing more than 500 health and behavioral
professionals from all over Arizona.

Published March 24, 2010   Printable PDF
Barriozona Magazine
Eduardo Barraza (second
from right) receiving the
TERROS Cesar E. Chavez
Social Justice Award 2010 at
Arizona State University West
John Mireles, Dale Rinard, Eduardo Barraza and Manuel Medina
Hispanic Institute of Social Issues